Office Move Planning: Inter-office Moves or Same City Moves

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Planning office moves is generally a job for the facility manager. Professional organizer training isn’t necessary but a well thought out checklist begins with some very important, basic questions. Even simple details can make the difference in a successgul office move. ongkir Jakarta Bandung

Plan Office Relocations with an Effective Office Moving Checklist

  1. How many office occupants are relocating? – Accurate numbers are needed for estimating quantities of boxes, bins and labels for the same.
  2. Does a weekend move need to be considered? – If business can’t stand still for a few days, a weekend move may be necessary. Note: Additional costs may be incurred from the movers for weekend hours.
  3. Will everyone be expected to pack their own offices? – If not, personal items of monetary or sentimental value should be removed by the occupant in advance, as much a precautionary measure as for peace of mind.
  4. How many office occupants are scheduled to be absent during the move? – If away, employees may need their offices packed for them. Extra time and help may be required.
  5. Can the I.T. and Network Services groups handle the workload in the time allotted? – I.T. will require sufficient warning to plan an effective relocation; the larger the move, the more warning will be needed.
  6. Can telephone numbers be ported (between buildings)? – If not, getting the new numbers from Network Services will allow time for business cards and stationery to be printed in advance.
  7. Are the moving company’s bins being used for everything? – If there are items not requiring immediate unpacking, have a supply of standard packing boxes on hand. Moving companies will need the bins returned without delay.
  8. Is any furniture being moved? – Most office furniture, particularly cubicle furniture or modular systems, will need dismantling and reassembly. Again, extra time and manpower will need to be considered; keep in mind many commercial moving companies offer this service.
  9. Are offices being traded (within a building) or are there vacant offices becoming newly occupied? – Unless there are empty offices waiting, a tightly wrought schedule will be necessary.
  10. Can additional recycle bins be obtained to encourage reducing clutter and purging excess paper? – Packing and unpacking offices takes much less time if only the necessary items were packed to begin with. Desk organizing and eliminating clutter is mandatory in office move planning.

How to Schedule the Actual Office Move

Perhaps an additional floor has been taken over in the main building, allowing employees to move in from other locations. The office move planning schedule (share this schedule with the movers in advance) should be divided into groups and have columns showing name, office being vacated, new office being occupied and scheduled day and time (AM or PM).