Tiger Prawns in Singapore: Buy the Best Prawns!

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The world’s largest shrimp, the Giant Tiger Prawn, may be found in the surrounding seas. It can reach a maximum size of 33cm and is easily identified by the light and black stripes on its tail. They were given the name Gao Chap Hei by the Teochews, which refers to their striking stripes. Tiger prawns raised on farms are significantly less expensive. The smaller ones are routinely seen in stores and cost roughly $23/kg. Most fishmongers that take pride in providing high-quality seafood will refuse to sell them. tiger prawn singapore is one of the best prawns you’ll eat.

Best Prawns available in Singapore:

They offer ready-to-eat cooked live prawn trays, which are ideal for a quick and easy appetizer in the early afternoon. These succulent prawns are delivered right to your house, along with sauces they’ve concocted as dipping side dishes.

Large and savory wild Australian king and tiger prawns with superb taste and springy-sweet insides are among their imported seafood catch. These likely selections, which come frozen and packaged, make excellent freezer staples. If you’re looking for something a little juicier, try their super-sized prawns, which are ideal for boiling or grilling.


It is the best seafood restaurant, and, as previously stated, they offer the best prawn quality. If you want to stock up on delicious fresh and processed seafood, they’re the ideal place to start. Order scrumptious seafood from their online fish market and have it delivered to your home anywhere in Singapore.